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Rauh-Co Construction Corporation, Inc. is a member of the MWBE. Minority-owned. Woman-owned.

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It's always sunny in New Port Richey

Initiatives include becoming a LEED-accredited professional in the industry

An article from the American Builders Quarterly

While the rest of the country scrambles for creative ways to get out of the red, Rauh-Co figured a way to consistently grow for the past 13 years. Starting as a small start-up, Rauh-Co has become a multi million-dollar business. Combined, the staff of the Florida-based company has over 100 years of commercial construction experience and shares an obsession and passion for quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and timely scheduling. This type of determination and synergy has earned Rauh-Co construction and unsurpassable reputation in the South that is quickly spreading to other regions.

"I see a rapid change in commercial building since the housing crash," said Lynette Rauh, Rauh-Co president. "Builders have joined, making the market more competitive, which led our company to initiate changes in our approaches to estimating and managing projects. We had to be selective in these changes in such a way as not to allow interference with our image, clients, and commitment to excellence. I see the commercial market growing stronger, especially in the public sector. I also see green design and certification having a huge impact on the industry."

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the sunny disposition of the staff, but it seems like nothing can put Rauh-Co in a rut. The drive behind Rauh-Co is their determination to keep to extremely high standards of workmanship, cost-effective services, and timeliness, without compromising quality.

While Rauh-Co is known for their commercial construction, renovations, tenant build-outs, demolitions, and mall improvements, they also offer expertise in construction management, cost consulting, contructionability review/analysis, and project and field management.

“One thing that’s kept us on top, currently, is the fact that we’ve enhanced our breadth and depth services,” says Rauh. “Instead of subbing out, we’ve hired on specialists. This has allowed us to cut costs and implement a more seamless process from concept to completion.”

Rauh-Co’s uniqueness doesn’t stop at its ability to thrive in today’s marketplace. The company is one of the few minority-owned and women owned construction companies in the nation. They are a member of the Minority Business Enterprise, and operate as a diversified company. This enable Rauh-Co to offer clients the ability to utilize and become involved with diversified companies. They are also proud members of the Minority Women Business Enterprises, the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc., Florida Department of Management Services, National Home Builders Association, and the Better Business Bureau. Their formula for success hinges on their expertise in the industry and their unique ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges.

Individually, the firms that comprise Rauh-Co have built superb reputations by constructing landmark projects across the country. Contact us today and get your project off to a great start.